Top 5 online business ideas in Dubai Dream to Start One

online business ideas

E-commerce has been extended across the Length and width of the country. Many opportunities are now available in the market that any individual can easily realize. Dubai is one of the perfect destinations for starting any online business due to the ample resources and opportunities available.  In this article, we have listed the top 5 online business ideas that can amazingly work in the Dubai Market.

E-Commerce Store Selling Emirati Products

The online market in the United Arab Emirates is growing rapidly, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start e-commerce businesses. One potential e-commerce business idea for Dubai is an online store that specializes in selling traditional Emirati products. These products could include traditional clothing, jewelry, and home decor items. There is a large market for these types of products both within the UAE and internationally. The online store could also offer shipping to customers outside of the UAE.

Online Consultancy Services

Different consultants, like lawyers and tax advisors, now provide services online. Many online Consultancy Services have now emerged in Dubai to provide consultation in matters of taxation and law. The customer pays the fee and receives professional advice through the online portal or video conferencing apps. This concept also requires less amount of investment, but license approval is usually needed.


Online consultation by doctors and medical professionals is also an upcoming business idea in Dubai. There has been a 75% increase in the growth of telemedicine and online Medicare facilities after the pandemic in Dubai. These facilities can be easily availed through social media or video calling apps.

Taxi booking companies

The business of booking taxis has also undergone an evolution. This evolution has been possible with the help of applications that now connect drivers with passengers for booking taxis conveniently on the web. This business has grown by 76% in Dubai. The demand for taxis is increasing, which is why this only business idea is becoming very famous for people to incorporate.

Online exchange

Dubai is ready to feature a new kind of revolution in the online business market by introducing online exchanges. These exchanges are powered by cryptocurrency and provide an easy platform for selling and purchasing Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency. It allows the investor to own a huge amount of Commission on trading, which is becoming a very successful business opportunity.

Understanding Legalities to Start a Business

Legal compliances must be fulfilled to initiate this business which is as follows:

  1. The license in order to initiate an exchange
  2. Funding approval by the central bank of Dubai
  3. Submission of all the legal documentation concerning Momentum and Association
  4. List of all the investors who are actively trading on the market


All the top 5 business ideas emerging in Dubai’s online market have been mentioned above. This is one of the most effective ways to generate a huge amount of profit in the future and long term. All of these opportunities have been able to make Dubai a perfect destination for successful growth.