Important Questions to Ask from Your SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Today, search engine optimization has become an indispensable need for businesses. Right from boosting your website’s visibility to ensuring quality content, SEO is vital for digital marketing. If you have decided to hire a professional SEO consultant for your next project, it might be the best decision ever! Moreover, communicating correctly with them can make your goals clearer. Hence, this article brings you some of the most important questions you must ask your next SEO consultant.


What is your approach to implementing SEO strategies?

SEO is more expansive than publishing content, improving SERP ranking and keyword focus. A professional SEO consultant can explain the three categories of SEO – on-page, off-page, and technical. In addition, they will know how each strategy category differs and holds its own significant role.


Which SEO strategy does my website currently need?

A well-experienced SEO consultant is well aware of different SEO strategies to suit different needs. They usually conduct in-depth research and analytics to determine which strategy your business needs for the time being. 


Have you worked with a similar business before?

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all strategy! Hence, an ideal SEO partner should be able to suggest a particular strategy that works for your industry. Ideally, they should consider your goals, industry, and business model to find the right approach. It is a huge plus point if they have previous experience working with similar businesses. Ask how they would modify the primary strategy to address your niche particularly. 


Who will be in the loop with us during the campaign?

A Successful SEO campaign means patience and teamwork. Since it’s a constant process, you must be in constant touch with them. Thus, before signing any agreement, do not hesitate to ask who will communicate from their team regularly.


How long will it take to boost my site’s search ranking?

Firstly, you must understand that SEO strategies can’t bring you overnight success. If a consultant makes unrealistic claims, like showing results in a week or so, it is a major red flag. Although it depends on your business requirements and problem areas, the results usually take a reasonable time.


What services do you cover in SEO?

Lastly, a good SEO consultant should be able to cater to various needs. Do you want them to help with basic keyword and content optimization? Or do you need them from app store optimization? Will a single team take care of everything, or they have separate? Clearing such queries will confirm if the digital marketing company can fulfill your needs.

Talk to the best SEO consultants in UAE today

SEO might seem complex at times. However, keeping a professional SEO agency informed about your goals and requirements is important. This way, they can plan the ideal and effective SEO strategy for your business. By asking the above important question, you’ll be able to know whether they are on the same page or not. Therefore, you can easily choose which SEO consultant can help you achieve long-term success!