7 Interesting Facts About Riyadh

7 Interesting Facts About Riyadh

When you are in Saudi Arabia, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Riyadh. It is the political and cultural center of the country and a significant player in the financial market. Riyadh has a population of 7.54 million people, and there are more than 5 million visitors coming every year. Here are more interesting facts about Riyadh.

It Is The Capital City Of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, it is the biggest city on the Arabian Peninsula. In the Arab world, only Cairo and Baghdad are larger in size. You can also find Saudi Royal Court in the city. Riyadh plays a key role in the country’s administration, politics, culture, and financial market.

You Can Still Visit Some Historical Sites

When the population of Riyadh started to grow rapidly, it was necessary to adjust the city to the influx of new inhabitants. The city underwent modernization, and some historical places were destroyed. However, you can still visit some of the archeological sites that are kept in their original state. For instance, you should not miss the magnificent Masmak Fortress.

Riyadh Is A Culturally Diverse City

With the city’s importance and the high number of inhabitants, it is no wonder that Riyadh is a culturally diverse city. People from all over the world are coming to the city for work and to become a part of the lively society. Therefore, when you come to Riyadh, you can encounter various cultures and experience the bright life in the city. 

The City Used To Be Called Hajr

Before Riyadh got its current name, the city used to be called Hajr and was the capital of the province Al Yammanah, which was during the Pre-Islamic era. However, many things have changed ever since, including the name of this vibrant city. The city is currently called Riyadh, which, in translation, means “The Gardens.” 

It Is One Of The Wealthiest Cities In The World

Riyadh is considered the financial hub of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on the value of its GDP, Riyadh is also one of the 100 wealthiest cities in the world. The country gains most of its wealth from natural sources, such as petroleum and natural gas. The kingdom is also known to have the second-largest reserve of petroleum in the world.

Riyadh Is Home To The Country’s Oldest University

King Saud University is the oldest university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1957 by King Saud bin Abdulaziz and is home to King Salman Central Library. Throughout the seven floors, there are 4,000 seats available. The library is open to the public and is well stocked with the latest titles of most books. 

There Are More Than 4,000 Mosques In The City

In Riyadh, you can find more than 4,000 mosques. One of the most famous and beautiful ones that you can see is the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque. The mosque is one of the best-known landmarks in Riyadh and is recognized for its architectural beauty. If you want to enter the largest mosque in the city, you need to be of Islamic faith to worship and marvel through the building.